Spring Bed

Elite Pockected Spring
Dewfoam  Dewfoam  Dewfoam

A superior performance spring bed that comes with exclusive features of DEWFOAM Pocketed Spring and Dew-Elastic Memory Foam pillow top designed to:

Increase motion separation

  • DEWFOAM Pocketed Springs are knitted to one another to form a linear system of comfort spring without distortion.  The cloth covering links the inner springs and integrate themselves to work properly and share the light and heavy pressures on bed surface.
  • Pocketed springs are lean enough to carry lightweight persons to feel relaxed and comfortable, yet firm enough to maintain natural sleeping posture of heavyweight persons. Because each row of springs work independently, two persons don't roll together unless they feel like doing so.

Conform to your body contour

  • Elite Pocket Spring Beds are enhanced with Dew-Elastic Memory Foam for added comfort.  Dew-Elastic Memory Foam is a premium foam mattress with the ability to mold itself according to one's sleeping posture. It provides excellent body contouring for simultaneous comfort and support when needed.
  • Dew-Elastic  Memory Foam mattress toppers ease the pressure points on your hips, shoulder and back that can cause poor sleep.  It re-distribute your body weight continuously and can help to significantly decrease tossing and turning as well as back and neck pains during sleep.

Enhance your memory

  • A phenomenal process called memory consolidation occurs during sleep. The combined superior features of DEWFOAM Pocketed Springs and Dew-Elastic Memory Foam creates a comforting chemistry that gives you a restful sleep.
  • While your body rests comfortably, your brain is busy processing your day, making a connection between events, sensory inputs, feelings and memories. Getting adequate sleep will help you remember and process things better.